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RPA – Experience The Technology Of The Future Today

The digital revolution has brought us many wonderful things but also caused much anguish. Forms used to be filled out three times, but now information is copied and pasted with hundreds or thousands of tedious, repetitive keystrokes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to avoid these lengthy processes. Below, you’ll learn exactly what RPA is, […]

Four Steps To Automated Production

Because the four steps that we are now going through together start at the very beginning. With your challenge. Regardless of which technology or which external partner you ultimately choose for implementation. First of all: Set goals Identify processes Identify environmental requirements Develop solution Set Goals Process optimization without a specific objective is more of […]

Automate Business Processes, Yes. HOW TO DO IT?

Organizations continue to progress in adopting new technologies and ways of working that help improve their profitability and competitiveness. Automating business processes is at the core of this strategy. It brings great benefits: reduction of fixed costs, increase in operational efficiency, elimination of routine administrative tasks, minimization of errors, greater speed, etc. Most Used Technologies […]

What Is Marketing Automation?

It is impossible to make a company known or promote its products and services without going through qualified marketers who master new digital methods. By trying to find advanced techniques to avoid specific repetitive but necessary tasks, these professionals now have recourse to a sector in its own right: marketing automation. Definition Automation is an […]

Network Penetration Testing And Everything Relevant About It

Network penetration testing is the process of attempting to penetrate a computer network or system from the outside, often using automated tools. It is different from regular penetration testing because it specifically targets networks and systems rather than individual devices. Network penetration testing can be an important part of your security plan, as it can […]

Automated Marketing – Keys to Conquer Your Customers and Their Portfolio

Marketing Automation, also known as Marketing Automation, is a technology that above all will help you increase your sales volume and new customers. That easy. In an era in which “old-fashioned” sales have stopped working and in which it is essential to adapt to the new environment, betting on effective online marketing strategies that are […]

Robots – History, Types & Application

Robots can positively change the world of work – even in small businesses. This introductory article clarifies which types of robots there are and what they can be used for. One type of robot, in particular, is surprising. When people talk about modern work today, one often hears the terms digitization and artificial intelligence. Still, […]

Digitization 2021 – Trends And Recommendations For Action

Digitization 2021 What you should keep on your radar. Digitization has arrived in every shift and every company at the latest since the outbreak of the pandemic. Suddenly the employees had to work in the home office. Purchases were only allowed through Click & Meet. Food could only be delivered and no longer consumed in […]

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