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How Can SMEs Save on Purchases From Suppliers?

According to a recent survey, the investment of companies in purchases from suppliers absorbs almost seven out of every ten euros of their income. We are indeed talking about a very high proportion that exceeds payroll payments. But there are ways to achieve substantial savings in purchasing raw materials and services without sacrificing quality or […]

Maintenance Strategies: Which One Best Suits Your Business Needs

If you’ve spent any time researching trends in the industry, you’ll see the importance of predictive maintenance. It’s becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. The growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes it possible for companies to utilize intelligent maintenance software to gather information and connect with connected devices to become more […]

New Ideas & Strategies For SMEs To Launch Their Project In 2021

These are times of change and also of opportunities. Is your business adapted for the situation? A good strategy can make the difference to save your company, and even skyrocket the results. If you want to boost your success this year, get to know the latest strategies for SMEs 2021. Define Performance Indicators All your […]

A Complete Look At The Network Trends In 2021

A reliable, secure, and resilient network plays a central role when it comes to digitization, cloud, or automation. Opengear, the provider of out-of-band management solutions for the protection of critical infrastructures, explains which topics will dominate network management in 2021.    The year 2020 clearly demonstrated to companies that, in view of the corona pandemic, have […]

What SMEs Need to Know About AI and ML

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has been rapid and industry disruptive. More people have access to these technologies than ever, right down to the phones in our pockets. Like self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, and smart home security systems have become more prolific, the potential for both AI and […]

Cybersecurity Errors Of SMEs In 2021

In any business, it is important to protect the security of the information and data that are handled, as well as the computer programs that are used, but in the case of small and medium-sized companies, guaranteeing cybersecurity is something even more crucial, since Consequences of not doing so can be dire for the survival […]

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